TEACHING (please email me for more detail regarding readings, exercises, etc.)

Workshops should be spaces that respect flux, engage and disrupt structure, and promote connection to one another and the world.  As a teacher view myself as a facillitator, not a gatekeeper.

As a classroom community, our capacity to generate excitement is deeply affected by our interest in one another, in hearing one another’s voices, in recognizing one another’s presence.
                                                                                                                                                       --bell hooks in Teaching to Transgress

I always want participants to 

    *expand their curiosity  and minimize judgement (for self and others!)
    *learn something
    *feel connected to others
    *have fun and be excited
    *take managable risks
    *admire one another and their work 

I use performance, meditation, research, and games all figure into making this happen for participants. 

Workshops Taught sans institution:  
    Tranformative Ekphrasis and Research 

A series of exercises aiming to explore: 

    +Ekphrasis as a mode of detailed description of an artwork within poetry, but also a way to do research. 
    +How description, context, and criticism are linked
    +How looking in-depth at the structure of an artwork, a plant, a landscape, etc. might be fruitful sources of inspriation for writing.  

    Multisensory Drawing and Writing

A generative movement, drawing, and writing workshop that pivots around the following questions:

          +How can we learn from our bodies and environments? 
          +What happens to our language and creative expressions when we listen to ourselves and our surroundings?
          +How might abstraction be the most concrete way to explore or represent a feeling?
    High Tea: Doing Work in Time as Time Works You

Writing, drawing, and movement prompts designed to help us bump up against and acknowledge limitations. A discussion, forum, and meditation for artists, freelancers, workers to ask: 

        +What is work, what is leisure, and how the two are intertwined
        +How do you negotiate your values, your work, and your time?
        +How do you relate to and prioritize breaks, leisure, self-care, etc.?
Workshops I want to teach that are in development:

   24 Hour Teach-a-thon 
   Language, Archive, and Fermentation 

Walker Art Center Workshop:

Cut-n-Paste Poems

    A day-long, kids’ and family workshop for Free First Saturday, April 2018
    In conjunction with Allen Ruppersberg: Intellectual Property  1968-2018

University of Minnesota courses taught:
    Intro to Creative Writing
    Intro to Poetry
    Intermediate Fiction
    First Year Writing/Composition
You didn’t ask, but my favorite teachers and teaching inspirations are: 
    Tara Geer
    Douglas Kearney 
    Ray Gonzalez 
    bell hooks
    Pauline Oliveros
    Julie Schumacher 
    Myung Mi Kim
    Jess Hirsch 
    Sophie Durbin 
I have been very fortunate to have taken workshops or classes with most of these folks. View and read their work!