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BIO  ❧

    Miriam Karraker writes and performs. She is currently based in Minneapolis and is working on a novel and other objects. 

CV  ❧


    MFA Creative Writing and graduate art minor, University of Minnesota. (2018)

    BA Religious Studies and French, Lewis & Clark College. (2015)


    McKnight Fellowship in Poetry, Honorable Mention, 2018.
    Lighthouse Works Residency Fellowship, 2018.

    James Wright Prize from The Academy of American Poets, 2017.

    Michael Dennis Browne Fellowship in Poetry, University of Minnesota, 2017.

    College of Liberal Arts Research Travel Grant, University of Minnesota, 2017.

    Marcella DeBourg Grant, University of Minnesota, 2016.

    Iowa Review Poetry Prize Semifinalist for “Frayed Wreath,” 2017

    Black Warrior Review Poetry Prize Finalist for “autoportraits as cyborg: in costume,” 2015.


    Lighthouse Works - Fishers Island, NY (Spring 2018)
    The White Page Gallery - Minneapolis, MN (Summer 2017)

    Ashbery Home School - Hudson, NY (August 2016)


    TAGVVERK - I edit the online magazine alongside Barrett White.

    POND - Best viewed on desktop. Theo Ellin Ballew constructed the site. Includes original works by Sophie Durbin, Mara Duvra, Annika Berry, Gunnar                  Tchida, Mary Lodu, and Jonathan Kaiser. 


    Full-Length Works

         WORKS ON PAPER OR WITHOUT, QXIZ Editions, Minneapolis, 2017. 

    Selected poetry and fiction in magazines and journals

        “keeps watch: poems after Jennifer Nevitt’s Sans Terre,” MnArtists, Jan. 2018. Web.

        “six events,” fLoromancy, Aug. 2017. Web.

        “cave speak,” collaboration with Prairie M. Faul, Tagvverk, June 2017. Web.

        “i,” poem from sequence field notes [after Craters of the Moon National Monument], Gulf Coast 30.1, Oct. 2017. Print.

        “ii,” “iv,” and “v,” poems from sequence field notes [after Craters of the Moon National Monument], Gigantic Sequins 8.2, July 2017. Print.

        “four autoportraits as cyborg,” Indiana Review, May 2017 (special folio: Metallic Grit). Print.

        “on my avoidance while ill, reply all,” Bedfellows issue 6, Jan. 2017. Print.

        “synthesis/i never said i had to make up my mind ∞” and “tonic (tourmaline),” FERROFLUID, Jan. 2017. Web.

        “Attempts at Intimacy, Renderings,” BOAAT Press, June 2016. Web.

        “real girl, idyll,” “blur(s),” and “haibun: in + out of devices,” Tagvverk. Jan. 2016. Web.

    Selected critical writing and essays

        "Review: Mara Duvra's To Allow For Breath," INREVIEW, winter 2017, print.

        “Renee Gladman’s Prose Architectures: Creative Practice Reoriented as Threshold,” Kenyon Review Online, Dec. 2017.

        “Enfermario - Gabriela Torres Olivares,” Lambda Literary. Aug. 2017. Web.

        “Review: Violet Energy Ingots—Hoa Nguyen,”Full Stop, Feb. 2017. Web.

        “On MACRO,” DIAGRAM Issue 16.6, Jan. 2017. Web.

        “Brenda Iijima and Her Energies,” DIAGRAM Issue 16.3, June 2016. Web.

        “Review: Gap Gardening— Rosemarie Waldrop,” 3AM Magazine. May 2016. Web.

        “Review: Cries for Help, Various— Padgett Powell,” Full Stop. Web. 13 January, 2016. Web.


    dustsceawung  -  ongoing live soft sound performance practice with Mitch Stahlmann on flute,  Noah Ophoven-Baldwin on cornet, myself on viola. Our             name means “the inspection or contemplation of dust.”

    WORKS ON PAPER OR WITHOUT is a fine press book (fabricated by QXIZ Editions) and installation culminating on October 20, 2017 at MirrorLab Studios in             Minneapolis,

    ~b careful~  sound and text performance with Patrick Marschke and J.P. Merz for the group exhibition One Day After, One Year Later, Yeah Maybe,                               Minneapolis, 21 January, 2017.