m o t e 

m o t e is the ongoing sound/performance practice.  m o t e improvises alongside incidental sounds integral to each performance environment, and and accepts the potential of being inaudible to the audience as an inevitable reality. m o t e  has performed on the shore of Lake Hiawatha, beneath moving sculpture, at Peavey Plaza, on dilapidated tennis courts, and elsewhere. m o t e  has previously worked with Cole Pulice, currently performs solo, and hopes to work with more collaborators in the future.

(Performance to celebrate the comission of We Move Still (Blue) by Jordan Rosenow and April Martin, photo by Rosenow,)

The very first iterations of m o t e   were in collaboration with Cole Pulice for Pancake House’s Radial Residency. All performances took place within one mile of the multi-purpose space in South Minneapolis at: 

                -Lake Hiawatha
                -Tennis Courts at S 34th Ave and E 47 Street 
                -S 34th ave  bridge crossing Minnehaha Creek