Selected “Poetry” and “Fiction”

2020     “Juniper Mint Tisane,” A Centre in a Table, Futurefeed, Futurepoem, 17 August. Web.

2019      “Arrival Sonnet, after Travis McEwen.” Queer Forms (catalogue), Katherine Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota. Print.

                “both ode and elegy: Two poems for Isa Gagarin’s Color in Motu.” Forage Modern Workshop. Print.

2018      “Three untitled poems, after Sheila Wagner,” Hair and Nails Zine # 14. Print.

              “Savory Dinner.” Web. 

             “keeps watch: poems after Jennifer Nevitt’s Sans Terre.” MnArtists. Web.

2017      “six events” fLoromancy. Web.

              “cave speak” collaboration with Prairie M. Faul. Tagvverk. Web.

              “i.” Gulf Coast 30.1. Print.

              “ii,” “iv,” and “v.” Gigantic Sequins 8.2. Print.

              “autoportrait as cyborg in device,” “autoportrait as cyborg in transit,” “autoportrait as cyborg in pain,”

              “autoportrait as cyborg in costume.” Indiana Review (special folio: Metallic Grit). Print.

              “on my avoidance while ill, reply all.” Bedfellows issue 6. Print.

              “synthesis/i never said i had to make up my mind ∞” and “tonic (tourmaline).” FERROFLUID. Web.

2016     “Attempts at Intimacy, Renderings.” BOAAT. Web.

                “real girl, idyll,” “blur(s),” and “haibun: in + out of devices.” Tagvverk. Web.

Selected “Critical” Writing and “Essays”

2019    Blog posts for In the Stacks Residency, Coffee House Press. Web.

2017      “Review: Mara Duvra's To Allow For Breath.” INREVIEW (winter). Print.

             “Renee Gladman’s Prose Architectures: Creative Practice Reoriented as Threshold.” Kenyon Review Online. Web.

            “Enfermario - Gabriela Torres Olivares.” Lambda Literary. Web.

            “Review: Violet Energy Ingots—Hoa Nguyen.” Full Stop. Web.

            “On MACRO.” DIAGRAM Issue 16.6. Web.

2016  “Brenda Iijima and Her Energies.” DIAGRAM Issue 16.3. Web.

            “Review: Gap Gardening— Rosemarie Waldrop.” 3AM Magazine. Web.

            “Review: Cries for Help, Various— Padgett Powell.” Full Stop. Web.